I am an multi-media artist, writer, activist, and musician based in Berlin. I work often in film and video, and frequently employ culled artefacts and montage, and I am interested in the intersect of time based image with text, sound, performance, culled technology, and spacial work.

I began my art practice at The University of Brighton to begin a Bachelors in Fine Art Critical Practice , where I worked I developed in various media,  particularly digital media, film, spatial work, and I became seriously interested in philosophy and critical theory. I also became involved in DIY cultures and in participated in things like organising DIY events and forming a small collective for sound. 

After graduating, and developing an interest in interactive projects and engaging critical theory, I moved to London and began an MA in Interactive Media & Critical Theory. I was in interested in subjects of the psychogeography of space and image using technology, and mapping, algorithms within the futurity of a city, and as such in data, from both archival sources and generative data; as potential fictions with interventions in narratives of “techno utopia”. I produced research based work in the form of installation, sound, video, writing, and artist books.  

Now based in Berlin, I completed my post-graduate studies in Art & Media specialising in experimental film and new media arts at the University of the Arts (UDK) Berlin under a DAAD scholarship. I work in new media, film,  installation, hybrid practice, sound, and writing. Recent interests have included gender and the body, cybernetics, ‘the Other’, borders, hyper-reality, and emergent-narratives. I am continually interested in representations of ‘the Other’ through hyper-reality environments. I have exhibited in in various places in Europe, Columbia, and the US.