Authorship (2007)

Installation, film.

“What does it matter who is speaking,’ someone said, ‘what does it matter who is speaking.'” – Samual Beckett

Everyone is a possible target of outside observation, and that possibility acts as an internal paranoia – a response mechanism keeping behaviour in check.

The work investigates and observes social thought within human and social interaction, an intense form of looking deriving from both the conscious and the unconscious, to that of the ‘spectator’; seeing it as an artefact that is entirely new; immersing the onlooker in the journey of unconscious thought. It becomes an internal drama with a life of it’s own, half way between the subjective and the objective.

Questioning one’s intent, and where this intent derives from, the play of the interaction between artist and spectator, asking the question: who is the object, and who is the subject?