Know All By Those Present (2010)


“Daydreams, in which whole cities are laid out in the mind, in which constititions are enthusiastically composed and legal systems endlessly drafted and emended…” Fredric Jameson, Archaeologies of the future: a desire called utopia.

This project is an exploration of the use of obsessive archiving and data that happens in the futurity of the urban city, and the notion of what a Utopian city is or what it is desired to be; I am interested in potential fictions used to intervene in a city’s reality. The project uses technology, texts, visual and sound documentations, to explore the city’s fields whilst creating narratives and algorithms created from archive sources. I am ’scrying’ in to data, which is normally invisible in a city, yet always in the surface, developed from techniques of EVP (Electronic voice phenomenon); noises that include static, stray radio transmissions, and background noise.

These ideas are grounded in radical political ideologies of exploration and Utopian ideas from the 70’s in London, and the movement happening currently in Berlin, and Utopian ideas of urbanism since the end of the Cold War, as a reaction of the rapid use of fear tactics and data archiving as means of control of each society.