Replicated Gaps in my Recollection (2015)

HD video, 08:41

An unknown of a 4-dimensional space, explored through language and emotion. The three-dimensional human nature functions as “The Other” and deals with the fear of nothingness. This project was initially about drawing the connection between space and fear, and how this is experienced. I was influenced by Heidegger’s theories on fear [angst], in which he states that through the emotional experience of Angst we can learn who we are as human beings. He states that Angst cannot be pinpointed by anything specific, but a dread of the unknown. He describes this experience as “slipping away” of the world, into a space we cannot comprehend, turning the world in its entirety remote and strange, and surroundings become uncanny. Heidegger compares this to the feeling we experience in the dark; without light we see nothing, yet the feeling of dread arises precisely because things are present – somewhere out there, vaguely threatening, but without revealing any danger in particular there, vaguely threatening, but without revealing any danger in particular. This is a “nothingness’ that appears in the state of the things, a void, which is shown in the “Other”. The idea of there being four dimensions in space has been explored in science, art, and literature. Since we are three dimensional, and four dimensions are unknown to us, it is very difficult to imagine. Scientists, artists and writers have only interpreted this and there have been various theories and ideas. The concept of four-dimensional space is how I have chosen to explore “angst” of the unknown of space.


(Video stills)