Singing to Survive (2015)

A beginning of a 3D virtual modelling project, which is a prison based on a disused women’s prison on Kant Straße, in Charlottenburg, Berlin. The prisoners were mainly political prisoners women from the Red Orchestra (an anti-Nazi resistance group), in which a large proportion of the group were women. The name Red Orchestra derived from how they conducted communication – resistance radio operators as ‘pianists’, their transmitters as ‘pianos’, and their supervisors as ‘conductors’. Women’s choral orchestras have been conducted as a way of power and resistance in prisons where women have been captured for their political activism, such as a women’s choral group founded in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Sumatra. I am interested in the hyper-reality experience of virtual reality, how it cannot ever be the same experience as a real one, and the body being detached from the space they are seeing. It is a forced mental dislocation, with the restrictions of the hyper-real space, while the sound of women’s choral singing a political report follows them around the empty prison.
3D virtual reality screen shots


10696194_10155786110180510_2953466717043281526_n (1)