The Carpark / Demopolis (2016)

DEMO:POLIS – The Right to Public Space exhibition took place at Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) 12 March – 29 May, 2016. Collaborative projects were developed during this time.

“The Carpark” deals with the investigation into the public space of Berlin. “History is the object of a construction whose place is not the homogeneous and empty time, but that which is fulfilled by the present time” (Walter Benjamin 1940: 137)

“The Carpark” is an experimental work created by an interdisciplinary group process. The work moves in the stress field of architecture and time-based media. The parking lot of “The Carpark” is a parking lot in Berlin Mitte. It is located between the Wilhelmstraße and Gertrud-Kolmar-Strasse, the site where the Führerbunker stood and Hitler committed suicide. Many tourists now look for this historic place and are confronted with a single information board on a large parking lot.

On 07.10.2015 from 15-16 clock the site was quantified by the working group. A site plan was developed with the help of which quantitative data were collected. People, animals and plants were counted as well as objects. Everything was incorporated into the quantitative data collection as objectively as possible. In addition, minor situations were observed and minimally commented. From the described collective observation a text emerged which is the basis for the work. With “The Carpark” an unobstructed, objective view of this terrain, belonging to this place, becomes possible.

The artistic work uses elementary methods from science and operates them in a different context. Thus each one finds their own poetic language, which questions an alleged objectivity and does not offer to explain to the viewer anything about the history of this place. The method of quantitative observation as an artistic strategy with a poetic result was mainly served by author George Perec. He and his work “An Attempt At Exhausting a Place in Paris” were a great inspiration for this work. The Carpark (Dovilė Aleksaitė, EleanorJones, Esteban Rivera, Tilmann Teske).demo2demo1

(Installation view)

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